British Science Festival!

The British Science Festival was recently hosted in Brighton, where two of our Great Foundations researchers participated in an event to promote infant and children’s foot health.

In collaboration with Clark’s footwear store in Brighton, Stewart and Juliet spent a day in-store talking to young children and their parents.  As part of the science event they were looking at the physics of how the feet move, and the biology of how the feet develop.

Juliet & Stewart set up an in-store experiment looking at foot pressures during standing and walking and spent lots of time talking to children and their parents about foot development and footwear.

This event was during back to school week and resulted in a very busy, noisy but fun day. They were approached by lots of inquisitive young minds who relished the opportunity to stand on the pressure mat and learn about what was happening under their feet.  Many parents were also keen to have a go!

We would like to thank the Clark’s team for their support of the event and for everyone who came to speak to us. Being in the heart of the children’s section of a Clark’s shoe shop was fascinating and offered a very interesting perspective of the world of children’s footwear.