Little Foot Blog….


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Recently, directors of our project, Dr Stewart Morrison and Prof Chris Nester spoke to a variety of stakeholders to gain their valuable opinion around children’s foot health. Read Stewart’s blog below…

Involving people in the Great Foundations project is core to ensuring that we undertake a project which means something to the people who are interested in this work.  Involving people, or stakeholders (commercial organisations, professionals and parents), in this research is important for many reasons.  These include:

  • Allowing us to share project plans and discuss the project in detail;
  • Listening to priorities and ideas from the people that our research will impact on;
  • Reflecting on where the working is going;
  • Sharing the findings of our work.

To date, we have held two stakeholder meetings.  The first was with commercial organisations and footwear industry representatives.  Through speaking to people in the footwear industry we have begun to understand more about the challenges that footwear companies face, as well as understand the emerging pressures that high-street shoe shops are currently dealing with.  We have also met with a group of health professionals.  This was a very different meeting but nonetheless, it was interesting to hear different professions (podiatry, physiotherapy, health visiting and paediatric orthopaedics) presenting us with similar issues about children’s foot health.  It was interesting to hear how professions differ but one common theme to all was about our knowledge base.  It was agreed that we know very little about children’s feet develop.  Hopefully Great Foundations will change that!

With these meetings we are looking to identify key priorities that the Great Foundations initiative can respond to.  We are building layers of work into our 5-year project and starting to think about spin-off projects.  We are always interested in hearing opinions and views and we are here to listen.  If you are interested in sharing your ideas and suggestions, please get in touch with us.  We are on Twitter (@GrtFoundations), Facebook (greatfoundationsfoothealth) and email: