Little Foot Blog….

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In our first website blog, Dr Carina Price visits New York University’s Infant Action Lab, and writes about it below. 

I visited the Infant Action Lab at New York University for a weeklong visit. This let me see how infant research projects work in America, in developmental psychology and in an experienced lab with a large team.

Their work is well known for letting infants move around in a more natural environment and this is what drove me to try and visit this team. They record how many steps infants take in different directions, how often they fall and how they use visual information. The first activity was a tour of their large lab space with its slides, platforms, chairs and (not permanently, but for this week) a robot! Other activities included attending a workshop on analysis of video to record different activity types using Datavyu, which we will use in the future.

I presented the Great Foundations project to the team and they had some interesting comments and feedback on the work we are undertaking. It was a fantastic experience and spending the week walking up Broadway to work and eating Sushi for lunch was definitely a change from Salford. My gratitude to Karen and everyone in the lab for welcoming me for the week and to the Salford University Internal Funding Scheme which funded the trip.