One of our parent participants talks about taking part in our study with their baby. Read more here…

One of our parent participants has shared with us his experience on Great Foundations, and why he chose to get involved with his baby to learn all things feet… read on to get more of an insight into what we’re all about.

What made you want to take part  in Great Foundations?
We heard about it through one of the other participants and thought it was quite a nice project to see how kids do develop and get a little more insight into how they change over time, and improve that knowledge as parents. I have a research background, although in something completely different, so it makes me more interested in it I suppose. It was quite nice to be involved in it, as it’s not always the thing that you can get involved with.

Tell us about about your experience of infant walking to date? 
My parents still remember when I started to walk so it was a huge milestone when my little one did too. It was nice to see that development in the lab, and speak to Ana and Carina to see what they thought about it too. As much as you don’t want to compare your kids you do, so it’s interesting to see differences in others. They’re all really similar when you watch them but all completely different at the same time! One of our friends who has a younger child is all over the place. Its interesting how they learn off each other too and pick things up from each other.

You’ve been to the lab for all four data collection visits. How did you find your experience in the lab?  
It was great – Ana and Carina were really helpful and patient. It made it a lot easier for both of us. My wife was there for most of it too and she really enjoyed it as well. As Ana and Carina did more elements of research in the lab, taking pressure readings and so on, they found out little ways to engage with our little one and were brilliant every time we’ve been in.

Has it given you any insights or food for thought around infant walking, and if so what are these?
In some respect it’s made me think about the idea that sometimes they develop quickly in some areas but not always other areas at the same time. For example they might stand but walking doesn’t necessarily follow quickly afterwards. It’s shown us there are milestones that kids will reach at similar times but they’re all individual. It can take a bit longer for some things than others, our little one stood up quite early but took a while to start walking, around 14 months, then suddenly he was off! That’s the biggest insight I’ve had with it.

And finally, would you recommend the project to others?
Yes certainly. Were based in South Manchester and have already recommended it to other people!


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