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Let’s work together.

We are looking for parents, health professionals and members of industry related to children’s foot products to get involved with Great Foundations. Getting involved means that you would be able to take part in some exciting research that will help better inform parents about children’s foot health and improve clinical practice and services.

There are currently three projects within the Great Foundations initiative that you can get involved in:

“Little Footnotes”

We will be undertaking focus groups and interviews with parents, health professionals and members of foot product industries throughout 2016-17.

  • For parents this will involve discussion of a wide range of topics including your concerns about your children’s foot health, where you go for foot health advice, what you have been advised, and what you would like to see change. If you are a parent with a child aged 5 years or under and wish to express your views on children’s foot health please follow the link below to take part in our Little Footnotes questionnaire, live until the end of April 2019:
  • For health professionals, we would like to understand what you currently know and do about children’s foot health in your practice/service, and the factors that affect these practices. We would particularly like to speak to Health Visitors, GP’s, Podiatrists and Physiotherapists, but all health professionals are welcome. To take part in our health professionals survey click here:
  • For professionals working in industries that produce or sell products related to children’s feet (e.g. footwear, socks, orthotics, foot creams, baby grows, baby walkers….and so on!) we want to understand your perspective on children’s foot health, what are the current issues you are facing, and how you work with parents and health professionals.

 “Small Steps”

If you have a child under 6 months of age and not yet able to walk, getting involved could help us learn more about how babies actually learn to walk. This would involve coming to the Universities of Salford or Brighton (Eastbourne Campus) as your child abilities change from rolling, to crawling to walking (living close by would make it easier for you to participate). At each visit we would monitor how your child’s legs and feet are moving, measure the pressures under their feet as they try to stand or walk, and how their feet are changing shape.  You would receive up to £110 of incentives paid over several visits.

To express an interest in participating click here!


“Little Foot Shapes”

In this project our Brighton University PhD student, Matyas Varga, will use 3D foot scanning technology to measure changes in children’s foot shape between the ages of 2 and 7. This will tell us about all the different ways in which children’s feet grow, not just about foot length and width. It will allow us to describe typical (normal) foot development too.  This information will help health professionals to make more informed decisions when examining children’s feet. It will give parents a better understanding of how their children’s feet should develop and enable shoe manufacturers to create better fitting and healthier foot wear.

To express an interest in participating click here!