Parent views about their children’s feet

The ‘Little Footnotes’ project team have been exploring parents’ perceptions, knowledge and beliefs about their children’s feet.  This is a summary of the work that has been published in the Journal of Child Health Care. Why we wanted to know what parents thought about children’s feet?  Maintaining good foot health throughout childhood can be a … Continue reading Parent views about their children’s feet

Sharing our publications with parents

We have recently published an article about the development of feet as children learn to walk.  This was a literature review which means it is a summary of all the existing information that has been published. What did we do? When we decide to research a topic one of the first stages is to consider … Continue reading Sharing our publications with parents

Foot Steps Through Development

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash At Great Foundations we have been doing a lot of work with parents trying to understand what they know about children’s feet, what worries them and where they access information to help them.  We are currently running our parent survey (see below) and we thought it was a good time to get … Continue reading Foot Steps Through Development

Presenting Research – Our First Steps

We had the opportunity to present some of our "Little Footnotes" research at the College of Podiatry conference in Liverpool last year (November 2017).  This was an important event as we were presenting our research for the first time. Being able to explain our research to others (i.e. podiatrists) allowed us to reflect on the … Continue reading Presenting Research – Our First Steps

Researcher visits Great Foundations

My name is Cylie Williams, I’m an Australian paediatric podiatrist and researcher from Monash University and Peninsula Health. I have been excitedly following the progress of Great Foundations from afar.  In November, I was lucky enough to see some of the project work up close. Through funding from the Australian National Health and Medical Research … Continue reading Researcher visits Great Foundations


How do children’s feet develop as they grow? And how do parents make the right choices to support that healthy growth? The Podiatry Schools of Salford and Brighton have come together to help answer these questions. Dr Stewart Morrison (Brighton) and I (Professor Chris Nester, Salford) are leading research as part of our “Great Foundations” … Continue reading Feet are our “GREAT FOUNDATIONS”™

British Science Festival!

The British Science Festival was recently hosted in Brighton, where two of our Great Foundations researchers participated in an event to promote infant and children’s foot health. In collaboration with Clark's footwear store in Brighton, Stewart and Juliet spent a day in-store talking to young children and their parents.  As part of the science event … Continue reading British Science Festival!