Professor Chris Nester leads the project at the University of Salford and is a dad of Charlotte (15) and Joel (10). Over the last 20 years he has built one the largest foot health research teams in the world.  He  also runs, reads and is a School Governor.

Dr Stewart Morrison is a Senior Lecturer in Podiatry,  leads Great Foundations at the University of Brighton, and is passionate about children’s feet.  Stewart has considerable experience in the management of children’s feet problems. He loved Thundercats and Dangermouse as a child….

Dr Anita Williams is a Podiatrist and Reader at the University of Salford and interested in what beliefs parents have about their children’s feet, and where these beliefs come from. She has a son Joe and a step daughter Emily (below). Her favourite film is Toy Story and favourite character is Buzz Lightyear!

Dr Carina Price is a Research Fellow at the University of Salford, has a sport science background and a PhD on how footwear affects feet. Carina grew up in Dorset with her twin brother, loves sport and her favourite childhood toys were ‘Teddy Wogan‘ and her football.

Lisa Hodgson is a researcher at the University of Brighton and has collaborated on a number of community based health and wellbeing projects.  Lisa likes spending time with friends and especially her twin sister Clare, and enjoying the beautiful south coast. Growing up her favourite T.V programme was Scooby Doo!

Charlotte Growcott is a researcher at the University of Salford but originally from Shropshire, and has a background in Psychology, having just completed her Masters degree in Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology. Her favourite TV show as a child was Courage the Cowardly Dog.

Dr Juliet McClymont is a Research Fellow at the University of Brighton and originally from New Zealand (via South Africa). She loves all sports, animals, and her favourite show as a child was The Muppets (where Animal reigned supreme). Her favourite toy was a trike and the obstacle course her dad built her in the back yard.

Dr Ana Martinez is a Research Assistant at the University of Salford. Her background is podiatry and has a PhD about the effect of insoles in plantar pressures. Ana was born in Madrid (Spain) and she loves animals and outdoors activities with her dogs. Her favourite TV show was Sesame Street and Aladdin is still her favourite Disney movie.

Matyas Varga is  a PhD student at the University of Brighton. His background is physical education and biomechanics and has a master’s degree in teaching physical education. Matyas was born in Budapest, Hungary, he loves food and cooking. His favourite children movie is Turbo which he still watches once a month with his son.

Dr Farina Hashmi is a Lecturer in Podiatry at the University of Salford and passionate about foot skin. Farina is a Fellow of the Faculty of Podiatric Medicine (Royal College of Surgeons and Physicians of Glasgow). Her favourite children TV shows were Bod, Bagpuss and Mr Ben.

Dr Jill Phethean is a lecturer in Podiatry at the University of Salford and manages children’s foot problems at the University clinic.   Her favourite children’s film is the Lion King. Jill has two sons Andrew and William, and enjoys cycling and other outdoor activities.

Dr Jane McAdam grew up in Australia and has been around children all of her life. As a NHS Podiatrist she worked with children who have profound disabilities. Twenty years after leaving Australia she decided to help train new Podiatrists at the University of Salford. Her favourite TV show as a child was ‘Skippy’, of course.


Jo Schofield [is currently on maternity leave!!] so welcome to Adele Sullivan! As a child her favourite hobby was creating committees (it still is). No specific tv show but she has a lifelong healthy obsession with My Little Pony.